Struggling with generic task managers? Why Zendone is different

Zendone is a task manager app based on Getting Things Done® (GTD), the productivity method created by David Allen with millions of practitioners all around the world.

Why people struggle to get organized with traditional task managers

We all have been there. You are using the umpteenth todo app you have tried. You have populated it with a bunch of lists with things that require your attention. You master your calendar software and diligently use it to schedule your next commitments. But things are not clicking. You still feel stressed-out. You spend a lot of time keeping your system functional and you are not getting done more things than when you didn’t use any tools at all.

The piece you are missing here is a method, a system that let you know how to be productive, and then put the tools to work towards that goal. Without a proven foundation, all you have are the habits you have formed over the years. And if you are like most people, those are exactly the opposite of healthy productivity habits.

For example, have you ever tried to spread your commitments in your calendar, assigning a slot to each, to capture when you will be doing each. Well, that doesn’t work. The reason is that time can’t be managed, it is what it is. It is you the one that can be managed. Using your calendar that way will actually make things worse because you will waste a lot of time rescheduling things when something unexpected arises.

Another example, you might have used your common sense for creating lists of tasks and have ended with a very chaotic set. You might have a list of tasks that had to do with clients. And then a list of tasks related to some specific project. A list of emails you might need to respond and then a list of things you want to organize at home. And then the day starts and you need to finally get stuff done. With this system in place, you shouldn’t be surprised if you feel more stressed that if you hadn’t captured anything in the first place.

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Why Zendone is different

Zendone is not a generic todo app where you manage lists, todos and dates for them. In fact, we believe such combo is harmful to most people.

Instead, Zendone offers a system crafted for GTD so that you can implement the method without workarounds. This implies supporting the GTD workflow and using the right terms and concepts everywhere.

We also believe in using the right tool for the job. That is why Zendone uses Evernote as its Collecting and Archive tool. And Google Calendar as its calendar system.

Finally, we want Zendone to be simple to use. GTD can be overwhelming and implementing it with generic tools requires an additional effect. This can make you drop it before enjoying its benefits. Instead, we want you to be able to focus on getting stuff done, and let Zendone move things around and work for you during the whole process.