Capture everything with Evernote and breath

The preferred way for collecting stuff in zendone is using Evernote. We believe Evernote is the ultimate collecting tool. It lets you quickly collect everything and it lets you do it anywhere: text, images, emails, audio, etc.

Evernote offers a complete suite of apps for capturing things. Such as:

And there are hundreds of products that offer integration with Evernote. Many of them enable capturing stuff in different ways. For example:

  • Scanners and scanning software
  • Feed readers
  • Read it later-like software
  • Creating voice notes

In order to start using Evernote as a collecting tool in zendone you must enable its integration in the preferences. Once you do it you can start using all these mechanisms for collecting stuff into your Inbox.

Learn more about how Evernote and your GTD inbox are married together.