Collect: Capture what has your attention

Do you want to start gaining control? Collecting (also known as Capturing) is the first step.

In this stage you gather everything that enters your world that commands your attention. The goal here is keeping all the open loops that appear in your life out of your mind. Instead, you put them in your Inbox, where you will process them eventually.

Collecting is a healthy habit

There are 2 good reasons for introducing the habit of collect in your life:

  • When you keep your mind clear your level of focus increases. Having uncompleted, fuzzy stuff in your head when trying to get something done it is not only unpleasant, it is counterproductive.

  • Keeping all your incomplete stuff in a single place helps to let yourself relax. You will experience a feeling of control, since all the things that require your attention are neither lost nor dispersed.

There are 2 key factors to succeed in your collecting strategy:

  • It has to be quick and systematic. Things have to be collected as soon as they enter your world.
  • You should empty your Inbox periodically. This is what the Process stage is about.

Collect in Zendone

In Zendone you have a single GTD inbox where all your collected stuff is located. You can see it in the Process section.

You can collect stuff using 2 mechanisms: