Do: Simply focus on doing

The Do stage is the crucial stage where you actually perform your actions. In some way, the rest of GTD stages are serving this one. They are about collecting, processing, organizing and reviewing your current commitments. The Do stage is about actually doing them.

In order to decide which specific actions to do next, GTD recommends you to, first, trust your intuition. A very rigid, 100%-priority based, decision model just won't work in practice. GTD advocates for "Getting Priority Thinking Off Your Mind".

But once this principle is understood, it doesn't mean that you can never make use of techniques for deciding which action to do next. One of the models GTD recommends is the four criteria model. In this model, you base your decision in the following ordered four criteria:

  1. Context
  2. Time available
  3. Energy available
  4. Priority

Zendone fully supports the four criteria model.