How are Evernote and your GTD inbox married together

In zendone, your GTD Inbox is connected to your default Evernote notebook. In Evernote, every user has a default Evernote notebook. That is the notebook where things are captured by default. For example, when you send an email to your Evernote email address.

New empty default Evernote notebook

After enabling the Evernote integration for the first time, Zendone will create a new notebook named @Inbox and it will make it your default Evernote notebook.

The reason is that in Zendone your default notebook is your GTD inbox, and it is very likely that you were not using your default notebook that way. If you want to change it back, you can easily do it with Evernote.

You can also rename your default notebook to whatever name you like (@Inbox is just a name we like because thanks to that @ it will appear the first in your list of notebooks in Evernote).

Always synced in both ways

Being connected means that your Inbox in zendone will contain an item per Evernote note in your default notebook. And both Inbox and default notebook will stay synchronized in every moment:

  • When you create a note in Evernote, and sync Zendone, the note will show up in your inbox in Zendone. Note: if you are using an Evernote app, you need to sync that Evernote app and then sync Zendone to propagate changes from Evernote to Zendone.

  • When you collect an item using Zendone built-in collecting tool, it will create a note in your default Evernote notebook.