How does synchronization work in Zendone 2?

Both desktop and touch apps share the same syncing system: Zendone keeps a copy of your data in your device or browser, and it syncs it with the cloud. A zendone app will:

  • Receive changes produced in the cloud, to have them synced with the app.
  • Send changes produced in the app, to have them synced with the cloud.

Receiving changes

Zendone apps will receive changes:

  • Every time you start the app (touch or desktop)
  • When you press the sync button
  • Automatically every 30 minutes

Initial synchronization

The first time you login into zendone it will download all your data to your device. This operation can take some time, depending on the amount of data you have. Once your data has been synced, the next time you start the app it will load much faster.

Incremental synchronization

After the first synchronization zendone will only receive data that has been changed externally. That could be by using another zendone app or through an external system integrated with Zendone like Evernote or Google Calendar.

Sending changes

When you perform an operation in a Zendone app, the change will be stored in the local database of the used device. Those changes need to be sent to the cloud in order to persist them for the long term, and also in order to have them synced across devices.

Zendone apps will send changes:

  • Automatically after being produced, as long as there is an internet connection available
  • Every time you start the app (touch or desktop)
  • When you press the sync button

Offline support

Zendone is designed to work without internet connection. The changes you make will be stored locally and will be synced the next time you have a connection available. Notice however that changes made without internet connection won't sync across devices until you sync them.

When there are changes that haven't been synced in zendone you will see an icon in the sync button.

That icon indicates that there are local changes that haven't been synced with the cloud.

Error when sending changes

If due to some error a zendone app can't send changes to the server it will show a warning dialog:

This most likely indicates an error on our side. A situation that should not happen and something we need to look into.