How does Zendone and Evernote integration work?

Once you enable Evernote integration, Zendone will sync the following elements with Evernote. The

Inbox items

Your default notebook in Evernote will by your GTD inbox in Zendone. Read more about this integration.

Both the title and the contents of each element will be synced with their Evernote counterpart.

Synchronisation is bidirectional. This means you can change the title or content of these elements in both Evernote and Zendone.


Every action in Zendone will create a note in Evernote in your notebook configured as the Archive notebook in Evernote (Archive by default). These actions will have the tag zendone-action in Evernote. When you complete an action, it will take the tag zendone-completed. Or zendone-deleted if you delete them.

In Zendone, you can edit the Evernote notebook for a given action. The corresponding Evernote note will be moved there.

Someday Items

Someday items will be synced with Evernote notes in a notebook named Someday/maybe.


Ticklers will be synced as Evernote notes in your default notebook with a reminder attached to them capturing their processing date.