How to enable the Evernote integration

You can configure the Evernote integration in the Preferences panel in the section External apps. You can enable it by pressing the Enabled button near to it.

You will be redirected to an Evernote dialog when you will be asked if you authorize the integration. If you do so, you will be redirected to zendone with the integration enabled. Once you enable the integration, it might take a few minutes to have Zendone synced with Evernote.

Once the integration is finished you will see how your Zendone inbox shows the Evernote notes of your default notebook. From that moment on, both zendone and Evernote will stay synchronized at every moment.

You can configure which Evernote notebook zendone will use by default for archiving your Notes. By default, zendone will create a notebook called Archive, but this can be configured in the preferences panel.