Next actions: move things forward one step at a time

In GTD, next actions are actions to do as soon as possible (without calendar date), to do by yourself (not delegated), that you can be doing at any given moment. This essentially means that next actions are the largest category of actions in your system.

When part of a project, next actions are the action or actions that can be executed to move the project forward.

In fact, project next actions are the main reason for managing projects in the first place. Most people believe that it is important to capture all the required steps to complete a project up front (vertical planning). That can certainly be useful but it is not mandatory. Identifying the next step for every project is. Projects in GTD are reminders of open loops you have in your system and next actions are steps in the direction toward closing these loops.

In zendone, next actions are actions to do by yourself, to do as soon as possible, that are:

  • Single actions (without a project)
  • The first action of a project or actions that belong to a group of actions placed in the first position of the project.

You can find your next actions in the Do and in the Review and Organize sections.

Next actions in Do section

The Do section shows your list of next actions, along with focused actions and actions that are overdue.

Learn more about the Do section.

Next actions in Review and Organize section

You can see your list of next actions in the Review and Organize section, by selecting Next on the left column:

Organizing next actions by context

Contexts are useful when you have so many actions that a single Next actions list is not practical. You can use them when you want to see only the list of actions of the specific contexts you want to work at. To do use, use the filter that appear in the top of both the Do and Review and Organize section.