The Process section

In zendone you process stuff using the processing panel in the Process section. It will always contain the oldest item in your inbox, ready to be processed.

On the top part of the processing panel, you have two sections of buttons for acting on the processed item, depending whether it is actionable or not.

Not actionable items

If the item is not actionable, you can delete, archive it or incubate for reviewing it in the future. For doing so you can use the buttons at the bottom-left part of the processing panel:

  • If you delete the item, and that item is an Evernote note, it will be moved to your trash in Evernote.

  • In zendone your GTD Archive is Evernote itself. So to enable archiving capabilities you have to enable the Evernote integration first.

If you decide to archive an item, you can select an specific target Evernote notebook as well and Evernote tags for it. The default Evernote notebook for archiving will be Archive by default. This can be configured in the preferences panel.

  • Incubate: When you don't want to decide on the inbox item now, but instead you want to do it in the future, you should incubate the item. You can choose between 2 lists :

    • Put it on the someday/maybe list.

    • Create a tickler for it: if you want to set a date where the item will be moved to your inbox again. For example: you want to decide on going to see certain play, but it makes no sense to think about it until they start selling tickets for it.

Both lists are accessible in the *Review and Organize* section.

Actionable items

For acting on actionable items you can use the buttons in the bottom-right part of the processing panel:

  • If the action will take less than two minutes, you should just do it and mark it as done. This will create an action and mark it as completed in zendone.
  • If the action will take more than two minutes, you should create an action for it. You can create a focused action or a normal action depending on the button you press. Focused actions, marked with a star, will appear in the Do section.

When you create an action in zendone you can specify its attributes using the different controls contained in the processing panel.